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Holistic Health Practice

Adamant Healing is a Holistic Health Practice. Founded by Kerry-Ann Lourens.

She specializes in Acudetox – Auricular Acupuncture (ear) and Reiki energy healing.

The heart of the business is to help people to heal their body, mind and spirit.

AcuDetox with Kerry-Ann is a MUST! After only 2 sessions my anxiety and stress is much better, insomnia is something other people suffer from and my stiff back and shoulder muscles much better.

-Sugnet Preston


Services Offered


Acudetox helps to balance the body’s energy and assist the body’s healing processes. The combined effect is to bring about balance, serenity and homeostasis to the body, mind and soul allowing your body to heal itself.


Working with Reiki opens your awareness of how you operate in more than just a physical sense. Reiki helps us to open up, to learn about ourselves, achieve mental clarity and self healing.

Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine in the form of herbs, teas and tinctures.  These chinese medicines are safe and assist the body in the healing process. This is an added extra service offered to my clients. 

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